Smart Digital Business Network

What we do?

We have created the world's first tokenised solar power plant

What we offer?

Purchase tokens to buy into the existing solar power plant


The token will bring you long term revenues

The business model of the Smart Digital Business Network is a combination of a fully automated sales system and the SunMoney Community Power Plant program.

At the core of this, is that the promotion and expansion of the program are not done by the participating members, but by an artificial intelligence-enabled online sales system.

You can become a part of the program by purchasing a package worth five hundred euros plus VAT, which includes a 125-watt solar share, community rights, and advertising contributions.

Community rights give the users a share of the revenue from community growth.

The advertising contributions include the cost of online content production, the creation and maintenance of automated sales funnels, and of course, the cost of advertising itself.

The SDBN2 token is based on this business model.

The fund includes 8,000 Smart Digital Business Network packages with a face value of $4,000,000.

This fund was divided into 400,000,000 tokens with a face value of one cent or 0.01USD.
The initial solar share of the fund is 1,000,000 watts, which is growing steadily because all the revenue generated by the fund is used to purchase additional solar shares.

The fund’s revenue is mainly derived from the solar shares (which is the amount received from the generation and sale of electricity) and the expansion of the program.

BSC Network
WEB 3.0
A Fixed Number of 400,000,000 Tokens
1 SDBN2 = $0.01 USD
Tokens in Your Wallet Immediately After Purchase
Automated monthly payouts start on Dec 1, 2024
Payouts directly to Your Wallet in USDT
Referral Program
Social Influencer program